Twiglet #300: Dogs in Jackets

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dogs in jackets

Dogs don’t like jackets!

Have you ever seen one?
A doggy in a coat?
Like water in the ocean
Like buoys on a boat
They wear them in the winter
They wear them in the fall
They wear them made of denim
Those dogs will wear them all!
The arms are a bit shorter
The tail is different too
There isn’t a long zipper
They wouldn’t have a clue
It isn’t like they want them
or bark until its on
Its just what owners do to them
those coats they’re forced to don.
So if you get too see them
dogs in jackets out about
Tell them that they are special pups
and rub them on the snout.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

My Cup-eth is full: Compilation 08/23/2022

It would be easy enough
to come away tough
from that encounter we had
thinking that it wasn’t that bad
but I look in the sky and see the sky leans
Genuinely not knowing what it all means
The lofty white clouds float like pieces of art
I watch and I stare, wait for cold rain to start
The lucrative part of my buried past
ripple like currents, splash with a blast
As pilgrims had one day cooked chicken divine
my talents are lucrative, just ’cause their mine
Healing will come and the dust will settle
For now, I must say my cup-eth is full

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

The Little Things: Compilation 07/20/2022

Like a fractal deposit along the creek bed
an astounding accomplishment poignantly said
Sunset in a cup, so light and refreshing
Keeping all your close friends silently guessing
where have you been and where are you going
You’ll slip out the back with nobody knowing
The sound of a tin cup rattling with change
Time suddenly frozen, no need to arrange
A shipment sent back from an unlisted number
your hot mind relaxes and then you may slumber.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Twiglet #287

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we are cloudless


We’re cloudless just in our mind
We think we’re one of a kind
But we’re not
Its what we got
So go see what else you can find.

We’re cloudless mostly by chance
Both sexes can wear so-called pants
No one is best
Give it a rest
It’s all just part of the dance

We’re cloudless didn’t you know
It’s all how we come and we go
Its who we are
near and far
Go let your real person show.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Twiglet #286

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twist of emotion

My Trip

Twenty hours on the road
my destination near
I cross the road which changed my life
and took my child here
I moved on more to the one spot
where he and him both lay
As tears roll down my withered cheeks
for here they both will stay
One more drive and then I’ll be
where love and warmth exist
where happiness and healthy food
are part of this long tryst
The biggest part is coming soon
where my true love awaits
For my dear daughter will be here
her stress can now abate.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Twiglet #275 – The Owl and the Crows

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a world of words

Since our world is so full of words I decided for today I would use the word generator to give me a word to use for my writing.

Todays word: plumigerous – wearing or possessing feathers

The Owl and the Crows

Which of you looks best in black? the Owl asked the Crows
I think you’ll find which one you like, Crow’s face began to glow
Crow number one was black and blue with a little bit of green
Crow number two was also black with a greenish-pinkish sheen
Crow number three was darkest black, as black as night is dark
Crow number four shown just dark gray, he lived out in the park.

The Owl looked but frowned and drew a deep breath through his beak
He didn’t want to hurt the crows but then began to speak
“Crow over there, you are so fine, I love the greenish hue
Crow number two I like that pinkish tone shading on you
Crow up in the trees, as dark as night, could barely be seen
Crow number four just laughed at owl, he was feeling mean

I cannot tell whose plumigerous beauty is the best
So what I’ll do is take my time, I need a little rest
So Owl went and napped a bit, he woke up with a start
I know which one, I know it’s true, it comes right from my heart
Crow number one and number two are beautiful and dark
Crow number three and number four have really made their mark
But only one can be the best, the best as all can be
And so I tell you, all four crows, the most beautiful is me

©2022 CBialczak Poetry