Fibbin’ Friday

Hello!  I’m Melanie and I co-host Fibbin’ Friday with the admirable Di.

Here is this week’s set of colorful questions.  Remember this is FIBBIN’ Friday, so what is an obvious answer would be a wrong choice.  We want some creative answers to the very obvious ones.  These questions are from a mixed genre.

Fibbin’ Friday


Unicorn gas allegedly contains this collection of colors Brown, yellow, and black – shades vary depending on foods eaten.

Yellow or green, most people eat a lot of these. Unicorn poop and Leprechaun poop

Red as a ?   Republican

Gold and tawny, with huge teeth, you probably don’t want to meet me in a dark alley.   My  ex-boyfriend from high school

Elizabeth Taylor preferred her diamonds to be this color.  Purple to match her perfume label

Autumn leaves are what color (multiple choice answer)?  Not green

blue represents happiness for this avian.  Ducks because they know that they can land in water

Every cloud has a *insert color* lining.  humid

someone who is very naïve, could be said to be as *insert color” as grass.  as seedy as grass

a Halloween moon, a delicious fruit,  and something alleged really good Brie Cheese, mangos and chocolate ice cream

for eyesight are what color?  bunnies love these. It depends on what color polish you use.

This was terribly hard! Maybe it is my exhaustion level. Peace out!

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