Blogging Insights NF # 53


“A blog is a message in a bottle, both in purpose and likely readership.” Robert Breault

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I don’t agree that it is “a message in a bottle” in purpose, but possibly in readership.
To me, a message in a bottle is meant to send some secret or valuable piece of information to someone unknown for the pure purpose of sharing a secret that would otherwise disappear in time. Blogging is meant to be a place to share information and writing that can be timeless and for anyone to enjoy, not hope to benefit through.
Readership though is less broad as blogs begin to narrow down to smaller groups unless you are consciously interacting with people outside your “circle”. I have always mentioned that no one I know really reads my blog, outside of the blogging world. I used to have my posts go to Facebook and I know a few people would read things there but there were other issues so I stopped having them go there. My posts go to LinkedIn, I think, or they used to, but I never got outside responses.
For me, blogging is a place for me to practice what I love and get feedback. It is a place to find new ways of doing things and of interacting with others. There are a few blogging friends that I consider friends now because there has been so much interaction but I often wonder what would happen if I stopped blogging. We don’t exchange real personal information or demographics so once I’m gone I guess no one can even find me.

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