Fibbing Friday

Di is the host of Fibbing Friday


1.  What is an abbozzo? a gluten free rice grain
2.  What does it mean to absquatulate? It means you can’t meet the standards of the shortest expectation presented
3.  What is a biggin? the opposite of a smallin
4.  What is a daedalist? a daydreamer
5.  What is gamophobia? fear of becoming addicted to video games
6.  What is a holm? a tiny home
7.  What is jettatura? air sickness including vomiting.
8.  What is a keffel? a kitchen utensil
9.  What is meant by labtebricole? Any kind of skin lesion that fits no other known symptoms when googled.
10. What is a lacuna? a small inlet of water

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