5 Things You Don’t Buy Anymore

Dr. Tanya wants to know 5 things for https://saltedcaramel670.wordpress.com/2022/06/07/5-things-you-dont-buy-anymore/

  1. Feminine Products – I don’t think that needs any explaining
  2. Cigarettes – I still vape but that is nicotine and a few other harmful chemicals rather than nicotine, tobacco, and many other carcinogens
  3. Cow’s Milk – I am happy with Almond milk and hate to think of all the mama-cows who have to go on milking day after dreaded day.
  4. Heating Oil – living in the south has some benefits!
  5. Camera Film – I can’t even imagine how much I spent on film and then developing the film, especially when my kids were little. I have since downloaded most of the albums but need a new scanner to do the rest. I was lugging around bins and bins of photo albums from one home to the next. Now everything is digital!

13 thoughts on “5 Things You Don’t Buy Anymore

  1. I hate my photos being digital. You can’t just pull them out. You don’t have family or friends over to sit around the computer screen photos.
    You need to back up the computer, so that when it one day dies, or something happens to your internet connection (cloud) or to the internet (cloud) you haven’t lost everything.
    I’m very suspicious of my beautiful photographic memories living on a computer 🙂

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    1. First, I have to mention that I found you in my Spam folder! I have all my pictures on flash drives. I have lost so many by having them just on the computer. I don’t remember which are lost which is okay because I can’t really get upset about it but…One thing I know is that my daughter doesn’t want my photos and one day when I am gone she’ll probably toss them all. Maybe if they are on a flash drive she will at least look at them. I should hope!

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      1. I know that we traditionally moan at those people who want to suck you into sharing their boring holiday pics with you, and who has never been frustrated been forced with looking at photos of grandkids! But something is lost now. That tangibility, like with books and magazines. My opinion 🙂


      2. BTW being in your spam might be why the last couple of times I’ve put into Simply 6 I didn’t get a response from you ^^
        Not complaining at all, just an observation 🙂

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      3. I apologize and bet that was it. I used to never check the Spam folder. I didn’t even think to until about a week ago when I saw one in there from someone I correspond with. From now on I check daily. As you know I do love all the participation in my challenge and try to acknowledge everyone in a timely. fashion!

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  2. Camera film, the bane of my existence. Do you remember counting down, trying to decide what photos you would take with the last few exposures?

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