Melanie posts these questions each week and I love to share all that gunk in my mind! Lol. Find it here


What fictional family would you like to be part of?  (think TV shows, cartoon or books or some fictional family that you admire) Definitely the Brady Bunch. I love their house and would love to have all those siblings.

Which band or artist would you like to play at your funeral or memorial service? (the artist can have passed on too) I would love Freddy Mercury to play at my funeral. Since he can’t I think I would like Andy Grammar or Soja!

Preference.   Popcorn, M&Ms or other.   Choose something you love snacking on. Ice cream. Any flavor, any time, any day, any meal….

If you could be any supernatural (fantasy) character, what would you be?  (Think Elves, fairies, dragons or whatever) I would want to be one of the Wonder Twins….I would want to be the one that turns into animals and other things, not water or anything fluid.


Please share the best advice you’ve ever gotten which you feel ought to be shared with everyone.

My mom always said:
Only you can make you happy, don’t rely on someone else for your own happiness.

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