Throwback Thursday #28 Ouchies, Owies, & Boo Boo’s

Lauren is the host of Throwback Thursday

How did your family take care of minor injuries?
Did you have home remedies you used?
What was the typical way to care for a cold or flu at your house?
Were you pampered when you were sick/hurt or told to buck up and deal with it?
When you got sick as a kid did you stay home, or did you have to go to school?
Did a parent stay home with you, or did you fend for yourself?
Was a doctor visited when you had a minor injury or illness?
Did you ever have a major illness or injury growing up? How did it impact your life?

I don’t remember getting sick much as a kid once I was in school. I do remember when I was maybe in nursery school, that I got sick a few times, so my mom packed me and some blankets up and I was allowed to sleep in the side office at my dad’s insurance office where they both worked. I think I remember there being a black and white tv to watch. I usually only threw up, or that is all I really remember.

I also remember having my temperature checked…and not in my butt! I remember because I can still see my mother shaking the mercury to the end of the thermometer before telling me to put it under my tongue until she said so. I never knew why she shook it so hard, that is until I was an adult and someone told me. All I knew was you shook it and the gray part went below 98.

Once when I was around 12 or 13 and at summer camp I broke my finger playing basketball. They left me there to finish out the week. I remember how painful it was and lying in bed but not much else. Then when I got home the doctor had to re-break it and set it correctly since it was healing crooked. That I do remember.

I think I remember my mother being sympathetic to really being sick. I don’t think I ever tried to fake it, she wasn’t that kind of mom. You just didn’t try to pull shit over on her, something I think I knew since birth. When I did have something wrong I remember telling her and her bringing me to the doctors.

Growing up I remember having “growing pains” in my legs mostly. It would get so bad sometimes. Now, as an adult and being diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis I wonder if that could have been it. Sometimes it gives me a sort of deja vu when I feel my pain.

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #28 Ouchies, Owies, & Boo Boo’s

  1. Christine, I have heard so many stories about having a doctor re-break a bone. That sounds painful. How does one prepare for that? I broke my toe once when I kicked the footboard on the bed. That hurt for a long time. I still use mercury thermometers. I love the memory of my mom and grandmother shaking down the thermometers.

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    1. I don’t think I knew the doctor was going to rebreak it. He said he had to “reset” it. Maybe because it is newly healed it is easier to do. I don’t know but it makes me nauseas just thinking about it getting done! Funny how many of us remember the thermometer but then one day they were gone and they all went digital….except the batteries never lasted and they were unreliable! Now the silver stuff isn’t mercury anymore.

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  2. Thanks for joining in Christine. It’s great that your parents were able to take you to work with them. Hopefully, it meant you felt cared for. I vividly remember the shaking of the thermometer, both by my mom, and doing it myself. Your right, as a kid I never knew why she was shaking it. I always wondered what would have happened if it flew out of her hand. LOL That’s an interesting possible connection between the growing pains and Psoriatic arthritis. I remember having growing pains, but they weren’t terrible. One of my grandsons has them often and he is in a great deal of pain with them. I might need to do some research on this.
    As a teen and an adult I have broken my pinkie toes multiple times. After having to have them rebroken if I didn’t go directly to the doctor, I now reset them myself and tape the toes together, just like the doctors did. Having to have them rebroken, was awful. I feel your pain.

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