Take Seven

Di at Pensitivity101 has a challenge to challenge her daily challenge! Lol. Check it out on her page: https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2021/07/23/take-seven-23rd-july/

Our words were: animal, betray, double, duet, forever, friend, gist, honest, hump, lies, party, petty, pretend, single, sorry, story, true, trust, tune, wet, whistle

Walter looked at his book, the one with the animal on the front. At first glance it looked like a dog but that was his eyes betraying him. It was in fact a small rodent of some kind, hidden in a bunch of roses. Walter did a double take and could see the rodent clearly. This book, as it lies upon the sofa, is a reminder of the duet he sang in his church group, and would forever be a reminder of his close friend, Martin.

When Martin had handed Walter the book at the party he saw the twinkle in Martin’s eye, letting him know the gist of the wrapped novel was a memento to be cherished. Walter had been honest with Martin when he had told him he only reads in his free time. When Walter unwrapped the package he threw the wrappings to the floor to land in a hump of frilly ribbon and colorful paper. 
Martin didn’t care for the petty glances of the other members and had been sorry that he hadn’t saved the gift for a more private setting. He wanted to pretend they weren’t even there, that him and Walter were a single unit in a mystical theater. It was a story he longed to tell Walter and hoped that someday it would come true. Walter trusted that Martin knew how much books meant to him and with a lick of his wet lips, began to whistle a tune of happiness and love.

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