Take Seven

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Our words were: animal, betray, double, duet, forever, friend, gist, honest, hump, lies, party, petty, pretend, single, sorry, story, true, trust, tune, wet, whistle

Walter looked at his book, the one with the animal on the front. At first glance it looked like a dog but that was his eyes betraying him. It was in fact a small rodent of some kind, hidden in a bunch of roses. Walter did a double take and could see the rodent clearly. This book, as it lies upon the sofa, is a reminder of the duet he sang in his church group, and would forever be a reminder of his close friend, Martin.

When Martin had handed Walter the book at the party he saw the twinkle in Martin’s eye, letting him know the gist of the wrapped novel was a memento to be cherished. Walter had been honest with Martin when he had told him he only reads in his free time. When Walter unwrapped the package he threw the wrappings to the floor to land in a hump of frilly ribbon and colorful paper. 
Martin didn’t care for the petty glances of the other members and had been sorry that he hadn’t saved the gift for a more private setting. He wanted to pretend they weren’t even there, that him and Walter were a single unit in a mystical theater. It was a story he longed to tell Walter and hoped that someday it would come true. Walter trusted that Martin knew how much books meant to him and with a lick of his wet lips, began to whistle a tune of happiness and love.

Take Seven 30th October

Our words were:
beg, chest, cup, current, curtail, desk, draw, final, half, hound, moth, open, ribbon, shrink, sigh, sleep, small, speech, try, velvet, wind.

Martha’s Cup

Martha knew she’d have to beg 
To see inside the chest 
She knew there’d be a cup inside 
She didn’t know the rest 

The current mood inside the room 
Was pensive and so grave 
Afraid her brother would curtail 
The one thing she could save 

She pulled a chair up to the desk 
To draw a little map 
And at the final resting place 
Were nice words, not a trap 

She knew she couldn’t hound her bro 
He’s no moth near a flame 
She’d have to be quite open 
Not wind up throwing blame 

She’d try to tie a ribbon
Like a bow on her request 
But by the look on his face 
She thought shrinking might be best 

And so she sighed a half a sigh 
And said it’s time to sleep 
Her brother just surprised her then 
He said that cup she’d keep 

She was so happy she could cry 
A small tear ran down her face 
She try to say the speech she’d planned 
She knew this was the place 

Her velvet words fell from her lips 
Thanking him so much 
She was so happy she could cry 
Sweet tears beyond his touch.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Take Seven 2nd October


Our words were:
bet, boyfriend, cheese, drip, fare, fear, flack, fun, hang, negligent, new, puddle, rain, record, rhubarb, skim, subtle, thread, toffee, worm, worth

The Boyfriend

I bet that if you had a boyfriend  
Who always smelled like some cheese  
You send him under a water drip  
Pay his fare so he’d think it was free  
The fear in your eyes as he walked away  
Would promise you flack from your friend  
But it would be fun for you either way  
Hanging out ’til the day got to end  
The boy he would think you negligent  
Because you wanted him in clothes that were new  
A puddle would have just suited him  
The rain would have done the trick too.  
Just for the record nobody said  
The boyfriend couldn’t come back  
It’s just that the rhubarb smell of him  
Made showering on the right track.  
He’d skim on the soap and use little else  
So the subtle smell would still be there  
A thread of his nastiness lasting for days  
Like toffee bits stuck in your hair.  
But you love the worm, no matter how bad  
He stinks and turns off your friends  
It’s all worth the hugs and love that he gives  
And you know that this love never ends 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Take seven or…..ten

The Night of the Show

When the awards were over you could barely see the people through a cloud of dust as they darted from the auditorium last night. Some of those nuts even had the nerve to speed past the students, leaving them flat out alone on the stage. Had it not been for four larger individuals, sort of like the ones you see on television, who were saying to the students that it had nothing to do with them, that the evening was not spoilt.  

All of a sudden out of the wings, like a shotgun, ran these little bunnies, faster than the wind, past the sniffling students. They broke through the crust of onlookers and headed for the split between the closing doors. Had someone lit a candle, it would have blown out. Luckily, there was no wax to drip and therefore the unrest felt around the auditorium began to subside.  

With a sheepish grin, the youngest student, with a voice like a little yellow canary, began singing again to the people. She did see the bit of spit fly from her mouth, pasting itself to the slipper of her best friend. It took everything in her to curb (kerb) the urge to tell her friend, but felt it would be better left unsaid.  

And so, with a little song, and a bit of action the night ended peacefully without further disruption.  

©2020 C Bialczak 

Award, bunnies, canary, candle, cloud,crustdart,drip,flatforforefour, kerbmonthnervenut, pastesayingsheepishshotgunslippersniff,speedspitsplit,spoilt,sugartelevisionunrest,wind.