I don’t understand….

I don’t watch much television but when David gets home from work he does like to catch up on the news. I enjoy hearing the daily updates, although not the daily death tolls of COVID.

I keep seeing the commercial with Simone Biles for Uber Eats.

I did a little looking into the meaning of this commercial, beyond Uber Eats. I was pretty surprised at the responses I read….

This is one: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/one-million-moms-criticizes-uber-eats-ads-simone-biles-jonathan-van-ness/

Here is another: https://www.insider.com/simone-biles-jonathan-van-ness-uber-eats-ad-christian-group-2020-11

And another: https://dlisted.com/2020/11/05/simone-biles-defends-her-ubereats-ad-with-jonathan-van-ness-against-one-million-moms-homophobic-petition/

My opinion: I think it is a little weird but totally harmless. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If it offends you remember commercials are made for millions of viewers not just you. If people are afraid that seeing such a commercial will “make” their loved ones become someone who is transgender, gay, gender-neutral, or anything other than heterosexual, let it be known there are many more influences in life, much stronger than a silly commercial for take-out food.

***disclaimer: this post and/or my opinion are not meant to criticize or upset any person at all…I apologize if it has upset you.

8 thoughts on “I don’t understand….

  1. We don’t have TV so I never see commercials unless they are brought to my attention like you have here. I would think the LGBT community would be upset about stereotyping. I didn’t bother to read what people have to say against it. I’m not curious enough, and I think I know what has been said by those groups. I agree with you, if you don’t like it don’t watch it. There is a choice when it comes to TV, radio and other media. Now I complain about the our governess using the electronic signs on the roadways to nanny drivers with messages like “cover your face or face a fine”, shopping alone, do this don’t do that you have to read the signs, because I can’t avoid the signs driving to and from the office. But other things that annoy me like commercials, social media, etc. I can turn off and not be bothered. But I think people like to be annoyed and offended and complain. There seems to be a lot of people who live in perpetual states of being offended. They are so predictable and tiresome.

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    1. Haha you are so right! I thought billboards were supposed to be for advertising, not social instruction! I don’t get offended by much…I’m pretty easy going on most things. My biggest “issues” are porn, animal cruelty, and domestic violence/hate crimes. Pretty general and not very surprising.

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      1. The road signs are not bill boards they are the electronic signs to warn drivers about road conditions like accidents, construction, road closers, etc. So the nannying is especially annoying. I don’t get offended at much either. It’s not worth the trouble.

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  2. Christine, there are too many people who think that homosexuality is somehow contagious! It boggles the mind. I think you are spot on in your post – If it bothers you don’t watch it. If you don’t agree then don’t give them your business… as for me I see it as entertainment and a cute commercial!

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