35 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday

  1. Just discovered Truthful Tuesday, lucky me! It’s probably too late for this week’s participation, but looking forward to tomorrow.
    In case anyone reads this, I also dabble in photography and manipulating the images with my photo editor, thereby creating designs.

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    1. I do mostly pencil drawings. In my practice I have spent a lot of time on hands, eyes, and trees…?!?!!? I used to sew quite frequently but haven’t used my machine in years. When I packed it up to move I put it in a bin and haven’t opened it since. What do you sew? When my kids were babies I made them matching clothes…A dress for my daughter and a pair of pants for my son.

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      1. Well done and making childrens clothing. I am usually confined to straight sewing – such as bags – reuseable ones. I recycled material from a few sources for most of them. An applique from a teatowel, some pyjamas of my daughters, but I do also use new fabric as well for sewing bags. I also made doggie bandanas and little bags to hold doggie do pickup bags.
        Just for fun.
        I envy you for drawing eyes and hands. They are not easy for me. But trees – I used to draw them and still enjoy that.

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      2. Eyes are tricky but I search youtube for how to videos and once in a while find one that just resonates with me. The hand thing…I don’t know. I like the way they look when I draw them. I think the reusable bags are a great idea for gifting! Everyone needs them now! Some of the ones you buy are so poorly made that they rip if you put something even slightly heavy in them. I used to have a few that I had restapled the seams just so I could use them a few more times! You know what would be a great idea? Looking on websites after the holidays for clearance items in clothing, housewares, etc. to make the bags with. I know once on Macy’s website I was getting t-shirts for about $2 a piece. Not that you want to cut them all up but you might find something cute that could be made into a bag. I don’t know. Just an idea. I get so many ideas in my head. I would probably be a millionaire if I was a couch potato!


      1. Because everywhere is different, with a different geography and history and culture. The world would be a boring place if every place was exactly the same. This country was founded by compromising the interests of 13 different colonies with different economies and cultures, and much of the tension happening right now is the result of forgetting the spirit of compromise and replacing it with one of narrow majorities imposing their will forcefully on the unwilling.

        On a lighter but related note, I have mixed feelings about the expansion of regional restaurant chains. I would love to have a Culver’s out here, for example, but the lack of Culver’s on the West Coast makes trips to the Midwest (and more recently, the Mountain West) special.

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      2. I love Culvers. We don’t have one here in the NorthEast but I go when I visit my dad in Florida. I think you make an excellent point about people learning to compromise. It can’t always be one is better than another. Just saying…

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      1. Can I ask you why? I mean isn’t that a lot of extra work you are making for yourself. One good thing, if you are posting similar content, is to see which blog they are drawn to jore and why.

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