Truthful Tuesday: November 10th, 2020

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  • Have the results of the US Presidential election left you feeling relieved, apprehensive, hopeful, or some other emotion? I am both relieved and hopeful that things in the US will return to some sort of normal as far as government and having someone to look to for being “in charge”. I don’t always vote Democratic for various reasons but this time around I just couldn’t see Trump back in office. There are tons of reasons why but one of the main reasons has been the separation of families at the border.

  • Have you been surprised at all by the emotions and reactions of others regarding the results? I am not surprised by all the emotion or reactions. I think that Trump has bad such a bad impression on everyone in this country and around the world that just knowing he will not be president in a few weeks is something to be happy about. I know so many people wanted him re-elected but he doesn’t care about anyone but himself and even they need to see it. Anyhow, seeing the joy, dancing, celebrating…it was sort of like the USA used to be.

©2020 CBialczak

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