Blogging Insights #54

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Evergreen or Topical content, which do you prefer writing? I think I like both. I believe there are things that if they have a deep meaning for me, if they are “evergreen” then they may help someone someday, it doesn’t have to be immediate. I also like topical content for two reasons. The first is because some things are time relevant and lose their importance. The other reason is sometimes posts are just for fun or only fit that moment, no need to drag it out. If I had to pick one or the other I would pick evergreen because I like to think that I write things that may help someone down the road as well as today.

Which do you write most often? I think I write both equally. Many of the challenges are topical as are some of my “From my desk” posts. On the other hand I have written about losing my son and have written poetry regarding my feelings that I don’t want to go away. Maybe one day someone who is hurting will run across what I have written and they won’t feel so alone after seeing what I have also been through.

Which of these adds more value or engagement to your blog? Again, they both add different types of value. Topical content is fun or moving, it may be relevant to something that is going on right now. Topical content can also be just writing and not have a specific purpose, just recreational pastime stuff. On the other hand, evergreen content may have more information that is more universal to help more people than just a small group. This type of writing seems for me, to be backed by facts or have just such a topic that people may always relate.

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