Three Line Tales 246

three line tales, week 246: a pile of plastic toys
photo by Nareeta Martin via Unsplash for:

We stared at the bin of toys, completely mesmerized with the variety of toys and the memories many of them invoked.
It was a shame that so many toys would be thrown in the trash when there are probably thousands of children who would love them like they were brand new.
It would take more than just my dream or desire to share these things to make sure the toys got to the right kids, where they could be enjoyed, even though they weren’t brand new.

©2020 CBialczak 3LT

11 thoughts on “Three Line Tales 246

    1. I really don’t know but if you watch the shows of the poorest of poor countries, imagine the faces on some of those little boys and girls if they got what most kids today think is junk?


      1. That might be true, but I can’t help but look at it from the other end—who produces the plastic trinkets in the first place? Isn’t it a complete squandering of resources when so many, as you point out, have nothing? I’d rather we stopped commandeering resources to create junk so the poorest had a chance to give their kids the basics. And stopped throwing it in the ocean to destroy other life forms.

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      2. It is amazing that between online shops like Oriental Trading and flea markets where junk is in immeasurable quantities, that this stuff is being made, I totally agree. If you look at all the dollar stores and lower-end retail a lot of their stuff is pure junk. My mother in law used to get my kids toys at the dollar store. Most of them went right in the trash as there was nothing to do with them or they were broken in minutes. I’m not putting down the dollar stores or anything like them, I shop there for certain things, but yes, all the crap needs to stop.


      3. All children like to have ‘things’ but gift receiving stops being special when it happens too often. It’s good for kids to look forward to special occasions, to have to wait, and to know the value of what they’re asking for. I hate seeing poor parents spending money they haven’t got so their kids can have the same expensive gadgetry as the richer kids in their class. All of it ends up being abandoned when the next must-have starts being advertised.

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      4. You are absolutely 100% correct! Funny, last week a toy catalog came in the mail, maybe from Walmart? Anyhow, it reminded me of when I was little and the Sears catalog would come out for Christmas. My sister and I would go through and pick out all the toys we wanted to put on our list to Santa. I think we got one, maybe two things, off the list but that made it so terribly exciting!


      5. We didn’t have catalogues, though my children used to see them. They never asked for things though since we had very little money and they knew it. We never encouraged the Santa Claus thing either. Never said, there is no SC but never said there was either. What’s the point in letting them think they can have whatever they ask for? Pretending that SC brings it not their parents. Mine were always sceptical about the whole idea anyway. I think it was the idea of SC wrapping up all the gifts that they could never swallow.

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      6. There are so many opinions around SC and all that. I think it is whatever you feel is healthy for your kids. What I mean is my late husband was told about SC until he was seven, then his parents, probably sick of hearing about him, told him there wasn’t one. That was not the best idea! Lol.


      7. You know, with my kids, we never stressed SC but we would give a gift from him. The other gifts were from mom and dad, because that is who they asked for them…Anyhow, even now, I give my daughter one gift from SC just for fun.


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