Truthful Tuesdays

The Question:

Since we discussed Halloween last week, how about Thanksgiving and Christmas for this week? No? Too bad, because that’s what’s going on! Sadly, this pandemic shows no signs of easing up anytime soon, at least not in any way that will make a difference on some of the social distancing restrictions that are in place. With that in mind…

Has this pandemic altered your holiday plans for later this year, or will it be “business as usual”? Please explain.

My Answer:

Honestly, after losing my son my holiday plans changed permanently. All I want to do is be with the people I love and I don’t care about the gifts or any of that. That isn’t much different than what I used to think but before I loved having people to the house and a big dinner…

I have David and Lindsay, my dad and Laurette, and a handful of precious friends. That is all I want for Christmas. For me the pandemic is only enabling me to tone down the festivities.

9 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesdays

  1. I’m very sorry about you losing your son. I’m sure that is one of the hardest things to go through, especially during the holidays. I wish you the best in making the most of them. It’s true, the pandemic has certainly limited many of the things we used to take for granted. We are going to try to get together anyway. There’s just a few of us now, about 9-11, so it should be okay, as long the percentages keep decreasing. We usually get together for board and card games. The host family fixes the main dishes, and the rest of us bring side dishes to share. It’s a lot of fun and I know we’ll all be disappointed if we have to cancel. I guess, then it will be nap time instead, lol.

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    1. That sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe the games will just have to be spread out a bit more than before. A game I love that I can’t seem to get anyone to play is Bananagrams. Last year at Thanksgiving I kicked butt on Scattegories!


  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. My heart sank when I read of that. I can’t even pretend to know that kind of pain. I pray you find peace that surpasses all understanding. As well that you get just what you hope for to be surrounded by all your loved ones. That is what I want this year too! God bless you!

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      1. I hear you on that, as I lost my dad at the age of 9. His death was a hard one for all of us. I was just very young did not have all that many years with him. They also say the loss of a child is like no other loss. I have no words really. All I can do is read your words. It is a hard read too. Blessings Lisa

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