Living in it…

Is Dementia Risk Falling?

You cannot remember me 

she used to live here 

you do not remember her 

she still lives here 

Sickness happens 

Do you remember her?

She did not leave you  

You cannot remember where she went 

She went to the hospital 

You do not want me here

Sickness is not planned 

Yes, she is coming home 

She is the same person 

She was never sick before 

You know who she is 

The doctors are taking care of her 

She should come home soon 

You do not know why I am here 

Why can’t you remember? 

She is coming home 

You love each other 

Why don’t you know me? 

She is sick now 

Why don’t you know her? 

You do not know who you are 

You cannot remember 

I still love you

Do you remember? 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

This is dedicated to all of the people who suffer along with those who are suffering.

11 thoughts on “Living in it…

  1. I feel and understand your pain. My heart goes out to you. This was very well-written and well-expressed. Sending carings thoughts your way… 🙏

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  2. Alzheimer’s Disease is very frightening. The poem captured the confusion and constant reassurances that occur because the memory can’t retain the new events… This is a heartbreaking poem about a terrible disease.

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    1. I had a hard night last night. I am with my father as my step-mother has been hospitalized since Saturday. Last night he got pretty angry and wanted me to leave. It’s not really him. I have to step back often to retain my own sanity.


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