Truthful Tuesday

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What three movies best sum up your taste in movies, and why? 

My answer:

50 First Dates, Silence of the Lambs, Finding Nemo 

50 First Dates because I love the true love aspect of the relationship. I also feel that if I met someone, a guy in my case, I would do what Adam Sandler does to help “him” remember me each day. My dad has dementia, so it has some similarities there. 

Silence of the Lambs because my dream had been to be “Clarice” in the FBI. I wanted to do the things that she did including talking to the people in prison who are so deranged. That mental state fascinates me because I want to know how a mind thinks like that. I still wish I could do it but I am too old to be hired by the FBI.  

Finding Nemo because I love Disney, I love clownfish, and I love that Nemo still loves Dory even though she can’t remember anything. When I got my first tattoo the guy asked what I wanted. I said a clownfish because they made me think of my mother. Finding Nemo had just come out, so he asked if I wanted Nemo. I said sure. I wish I had just gotten my clownfish, but Nemo is fine.  

5 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday

  1. Lol, my daughter dreamed of joining the FBI for the same reasons! It’s a fascinating movie and one of my favorites as well. I haven’t seem 50 First Dates, but that’s going on my list 🙂

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