Written for dversepoets:

  • Pen a poem that is about FLYING/FLIGHT (NOT FLEEING)
  • Take ONE or MORE of our natural winged phenomena – bird, bat, insect, seed, flying fish! (but NOT mythical creature with wings, NOT mechanical objects either)
  • Your poem can be purely literal or mixed with metaphor or even allegory
  • Write as subject or object; 1st or 3rd person
  • Preferably use FREE VERSE (like Sandburg & Lawrence above) as that best suits the subject of flying!
  • If you use any poem as source or inspiration, please cite the original in your post [click links to read above poems in full]

Bats at home

there were seven creatures
black as night
flying in circles
there is one creature
black as night
flying in a circle
I cannot hear the clicking.
For bats disease spreads

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

16 thoughts on “FLYING/FLIGHT:

  1. Very tragic with themes of loss and death. It is very apt, as Grace said, of our world today. What a fantastic and innovative take on the theme of flying. If I recall, this is the first poem that utilizes bats for the prompt!

    Great work, it’s heartbreaking and haunting in how it’s written.


    1. Yes. My good friend is a wildlife rehabilitator and she said that raising baby bats is the best because they are super sweet. But if you ever touch a bat that has gotten hit by a car or something they have to kill it to check it for rabies. I had a friend once take in a bat to care for it and my rehab friend was besides herself knowing the threat of rabies and the laws around getting them tested.


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