Three Line Tales

three line tales 234: a man playing the fiddle on a boat
photo by Calum MacAuley

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Written for Sonya at Only 100 Words:

Silent Sounds

He listened intently as the bow ran across the strings of the antique violin, purchased from a yard sale while stopping at a port.
He couldn’t hear a sound from the bow, but in his head he could hear the music clearly, note for note, without a single screech from the instrument.
Perhaps it was all in his head, maybe it was stuck in the violin, but he didn’t care because he heard the music loud and clear.

©2020  CBialczak Fiction

10 thoughts on “Three Line Tales

    1. There are countless numbers of challenges. I have one called Simply 6 minutes where I post a prompt and you time yourself for 6 minutes to see how much you can write. Just for fun and mistakes are okay in the final piece!


  1. Christine – right? I am new to Stine Writing ✍️Just found you with the help of your “calling card” on JanBeek. Thank you for that ❤️ I am enjoying a chance to peruse your blog. Delightful! I’ll be back. This story of the violinist is intriguing. I am imagining a deaf man buying a violin 🎻 and playing his heart out. I love it! Which of the famous composers was deaf when he wrote his final symphony? Was that Beethoven?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome Jan and thank you for coming by. I do believe it was Beethoven. Amazing to know what he did despite this. I hope you enjoy my posts. I have a weekly challenge called Simply 6 Minutes where I post a prompt and then you time yourself for 6 minutes to see how much you can write. Errors are okay, no need wasting time to go back and fix minor blemishes!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, I will check out that weekly prompt. Sounds like it will be a fun activity. I am a blogger who never took typing, so speed is not my forte’ … but it’s amazing what I have learned to do with three fingers on each hand! 😉


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