Because of Di at pensitivity101

I was reading Di’s blog and saw her write that she had missed this from last week. I thought I would go ahead and answer it too since I didn’t see it last week either.

What is the value of running writing prompts to your writing in general, and your blog in particular?

I have written this before but after my husband passed away I thought that maybe I should start blogging. I thought, “well, now you might have more time on your hands”. My sister told me to forget it. She said that I wouldn’t like reading things that people say that are negative. I don’t get many negative comments so….

Anyhow, I love blogging. It is like my window to the world. I learn so much every single day. Most days I like to jump around the blogs and read random things. I try to comment on everything I read. I love doing the challenges but there are days I admit I don’t get to many because I am always reading and commenting.

I started my second challenge two weeks ago and last week I had five participants! The first challenge I tried never got off the ground. I think that is part of the blogging world. You have to find out what people want to do when they get onto your blog or their blog for that matter. This challenge that I recently started is call “Simply-6 minutes”. I started this for a few reasons. The first is because one of the bloggers I follow, and I apologize because I do not know off the top who that is, writes each week and says how long it took to write 500 words. I wanted to see how long it took me to write 500 words and it was embarrassing! Lol, not really but…Anyhow, I thought about how I could improve my writing, not just speed but the idea generating too. I thought about a ten minute challenge then thought, that is pushing it on the writing, ten minutes can seem like a long time. I liked 5 minutes but thought with 6 you get that extra minute if you need it to generate ideas, etc.

Whether I am having a good day or a bad day, busy or lazy, I love coming on and “meeting up” with people. You find a niche. I love meeting people from all over the world and learning about others’ customs and traditions and about where they come from.

Thank you WordPress community for opening up this world to me!

13 thoughts on “Because of Di at pensitivity101

  1. The blog community is really great! I like to make new friends and to know a little bit about them and their place. It’s nice to see winter photos now that we are in the summer and the another way around. Hope you start a gratitude list!

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  2. I think it may depend on why you decide to blog in the first place. I started my blog when I was running a small card making business (which by the way, looking back was both a good and a bad idea). I met some fantastic people on the way and thoroughly enjoyed blogging, reading others and commenting. However, I did lose my mojo some few years ago now and although my blog is still there I don’t use it. And yet I don’t close it down either. So perhaps I am just waiting for the right time or a reason to get going again.

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    1. I think that is the true essence of blogging though, just doing what you feel like. I think if it is so forced, not only is it not fun or rewarding in any way but it gets boring. It is fun to read what others wrote. I get a lot out of reading everything as far as my writing goes and this is a lot faster to get through than a full novel.


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