Three Things Challenge #277

Thanks to Di at Pensitivity101 for 3 things:

Your three things today are:


My experience

Having worked with the psychologically fragile I understand that caregivers need a chance to receive respite for all the hours they put in. It is a lot of work and mentally demanding. A great day is even an hour of peacefulness. It is not unheard of for smaller children suffering from an emotional disturbance to suddenly appear naked, to shock the caregiver. Luckily, I do not believe adults are the same. The hardest part is convincing caregivers that respite is for them, not because they can’t do their job right.  

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5 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge #277

  1. There is a lot of truth in this Christine. Respite isn’t just for the patient, but also the carer. As I tried to explain to my Mum who wasn’t keen on going ‘for a holiday’ to strangers, it was only a temporary thing and on her terms, rather than being forced into the situation should my sister be taken ill and unable to care for her.
    She went for a fortnight and my sister got a break. We helped out by staying for a weekend some time later to give her another break as Mum dug her heels in and refused point blank to go.
    I wish things could have been different, but it was as it was, and my sister did the best she could until she couldn’t cope any more and Mum had to go into a home.

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    1. I tried a few months back to introduce my father to visiting nurses, to give my step mother a break, but my father went crazy! He is worsening with the dementia and cannot have any change anymore.


      1. I just finished some crafts with my dad. It was like I was working with my children years ago. It is sad but I am glad he can still do things like that.


      2. That’s wonderful. My great niece used to line her dollies up for tea parties with my Mum. One of the last times we visited her at home I played for her. It was lovely to hear her singing in the other room.

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