Gallivant: Weekend Writing Prompt

Sammi Cox is our host for the Weekend Writing Prompt and today has chosen the word Gallivant.
We have 46 words to play with which are to include the prompt.

Did your mother ever tell you to stop gallivanting around town, that it made you look cheap or even worse, desperate? Well, times have changed and now with COVID-19 the only thing to do, besides eat at outside tables, is to gallivant through town holding a sign, protesting the unfair treatment by some police.

5 thoughts on “Gallivant: Weekend Writing Prompt

    1. I read it. Wow, what a history. I know only bits and pieces of history, mostly only from US viewpoints. I cannot understand how any one person or group can actually kill people thinking they are better than everyone else. It makes no sense. Who do they think they are? How in their hearts do they justify it?

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