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Jaime spent the whole day browsing the antique store and left with just one thing….

Jaime spent the whole day browsing the antique store and left with just one thing. She had gone in with an idea, having woken thinking about Dylan. She just wanted to show him how much she loved him, without being overbearing or smothering. It is something Dylan had stated on their very first date; smothering drives him away.   

The jar was heavy, made of handblown glass. The shop owner insisted it came with mystical powers, that he bought it off a stranger visiting Bhopal, India. Jaime didn’t know if she believed the shop owner but who was she to say he was wrong. So, she paid the money, declining the two pennies change, and left the shop. 

Stepping into the sunshine, Jaime was almost blinded by both the bright light of the sun and the reflection of that sun off the windshield of the car parked across the street. What the hell? Was there someone sitting in the car behind the wheel? Did they notice that the sunlight was reflecting all the way across the street?  Jaime doubted it. It looked like a man from here on this side of the street and it looked like he was sleeping.  

Walking in the direction of the parked car, but on her side of the street, Jaime was finally given relief from the glare, bringing her attention back to the jar. How would she give it to him? It was sort of early in the relationship to just pop a surprise gift on him, but then again, he had bought her a beautiful bunch of daisies last week, having seen them in the storefront window of the local florist. Maybe she should tell him she saw it in the storefront window of the shop. That would be quite ironic sounding, even if it was a lie. Then she hated to start lying to him. It was a simple, little white lie, nothing bad, nothing to hurt anyone, but dishonest all the same.  

Stepping off the curb, Jaime’s ankle got caught in a crack in the pavement, twisting it to the side, making her stumble, but her hands continued holding the jar firmly so as not to drop it. After a few steps forward she was able to catch her footing again and stood up straight. Relieved that she was okay, and the jar had not broken, Jaime unlocked her car, got in and put the jar on the passenger seat.  

Driving home, Jaime felt a throbbing in her ankle. She had probably twisted it more than superficially. It almost felt like her ankle’s skin was stretching as a balloon was being inflated under the skin. She also couldn’t ignore the pit that was forming in her stomach. She must have been feeling nervous about giving Dylan the impromptu gift. What if he thought immediately that she was trying to smother him, to try and trap him in a new relationship? She laughed out loud, thinking how silly she was being, jumping to conclusions that she was making up in her own mind. It was just a jar for God’s sake.  

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