Tiny tales bundle #5

Butterfly, Blue, Forest, Fantasy, Woods, Dream, Surreal

Written for https://wordsonkey.wordpress.com/2020/06/19/tiny-tale-bundle-5/

Tiny tale #1: The candy fairy

Veva, the sweet candy fairy flew through the misty air, admiring the blue butterflies who swarmed the mushroom garden. Light shown from the mushrooms as they were phosphorescent. If Veva was able to find the right mushrooms, she would be able to find the special sugar gills underneath the sweet mushroom caps. It was this sugar that she used when making her edible fairy dust. Many other fairies worked incessantly to find the sugar mushrooms, but Veva was born to be this kind of sugar fairy. It didn’t just come to fairies automatically.  Veva was the only local sugar fairy. (100 words)

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

tiny tale #2: Baxter’s discovery

Baxter snuck out the side door in the kitchen, trying not to open the door too wide, knowing that if it opened past the crack in the tile it would start to creak. All he wanted was to get outside to check the garden, to see if they came. Baxter had set out a special butterfly food that only attracted the rare Indigo Butterfly at night. If he could see them and get at least one picture on his phone, he might become famous. No one had ever seen the Indigo Butterfly except for the famous entomologist, Dr. Rosco Urban. (100 Words)

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

Tiny Tale #3: Fairies spread positivity

“Mama. Please, can we stop here and take a break?” Violet’s wings were getting tired. When the moon was almost full two nights ago, her mother had told her “when the fourth full moon of the year comes, all the rare Fairy Butterflies take to the air and moved to a new land”. Her mother said they would relocate and spread their positivity throughout the area, hoping enough humans would walk through it and it could be spread around the world more easily than their dropping it randomly on flowers. Violet was new to this. It was her first flight.  (100 words)

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

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