I don’t understand

There are things I just don’t understand….

  • How can you hurt another person and not feel bad? Do you really believe you are better than others just for the way you were born?
  • How can you hurt an animal that trusts you when you are all there is in life? Don’t you feel their unconditional love?
  • How can you cause any harm to a child who innocently does no evil? Can’t you see them looking at you wondering why you think they are bad?
  • How can you drive your car, put your animal out on the road, and drive off? Don’t you hear them crying?
  • How can you believe that the world will be better without you? Don’t you know that there are people who love you but might not show it well enough?

So many things make me want to cry…I cannot understand how this evil even exists amongst others who love so much.

6 thoughts on “I don’t understand

  1. Aren’t the first 4 things the sign of a psychopath, narcissist or one of those kind of people and a pedophile.

    The last one is just a very sad situation. Hopefully someone that does love them will see the “signs” and be able to thwart the action before it happens.

    As for your last bullet I concur.


  2. This is a very sad post. I ‘seems’ that you have been exposed to a bevy of very miserable and depressing information. These very things that you have just listed are the very reasons that I do not expose my tender emotional being to social media – because it’s these very things that you have listed that “pop-up” in front of my eyes and I cannot ‘unsee’ what I have seen/read in the nano-seconds that I have before I delete or scroll past and they cause me such heartache, so many tears and nightmares. The mere suggestion of these horrible things cause images in my mind that I do not need. I won’t be ‘liking’ this post.


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