Random Friday Poem

I am from the NE US but have been living in the SE US. I cannot get used to the temperature difference. This was just my thoughts for the morning.

Have to get up/where is the robe
Not enough heat/I will adjust
Cannot take the cold/bones hurt
Shivers run through/cold hurts
Blood needs to warm/have to get up
Get used to it/it is not cold
Stay covered up/things to do
Turn up the heat/not fast enough
Have to get up/deal with the cold

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

From my desk: 10/19/2020

I have this “thing” that all of a sudden words just randomly come to my mind.

The other day I woke up and just said: doppelganger

I can hear myself saying: diabetic ketoacidosis even when the commercials are not on for medications.

Sometimes it will be a random name…

I also have a “problem” that I don’t necessarily hear what people are saying and I am the first to tell them what it is I actually heard. Usually what I hear has absolutely nothing with whatever the person is saying.

Does anyone else do this? Is there a name for it (besides crazy)?

Anyhow, I thought I would share because sometimes I would like to share my thoughts so it would make more sense where the stuff comes from!

Peace to you all!

I don’t understand

There are things I just don’t understand….

  • How can you hurt another person and not feel bad? Do you really believe you are better than others just for the way you were born?
  • How can you hurt an animal that trusts you when you are all there is in life? Don’t you feel their unconditional love?
  • How can you cause any harm to a child who innocently does no evil? Can’t you see them looking at you wondering why you think they are bad?
  • How can you drive your car, put your animal out on the road, and drive off? Don’t you hear them crying?
  • How can you believe that the world will be better without you? Don’t you know that there are people who love you but might not show it well enough?

So many things make me want to cry…I cannot understand how this evil even exists amongst others who love so much.

Three Things Challenge #191


Written for: https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2020/03/31/three-things-challenge-191/ Thank you Di for hosting!

Why do babies find humor in putting pieces of food up their noses?
Is it because peas are a perfect fit?
Is it because yogurt is soft and smooth?
Is it because pretzel sticks go in just enough to still stick out?

I think it is the feeling they get when they see grown-ups smile.
I think it is the love they feel when a grown-up laughs.
I think it is because God put a hole so close to the mouth that things accidentally shift.

Kids are known for sticking crazy things up their noses. Step by step instructions for what to do when your child has something stuck up their nose.

©2020 CBialczak