Duck: word of the day challenge

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wanting a duck

When I was a kid 
I tried to walk like a duck 
with my hands on my hips 
to my back my hands stuck. 

Those were my wings 
but the silliest were my toes 
sticking out to the sides 
as only a ducks foot goes.  

I’d quack and quack  
and sound up a storm 
to introduce myself 
and my new duck form. 

I thought back then  
that all ducks could be 
friendly pets who  
want to befriend me.  

I realize now  
that all those birds 
loved me so by 
their quacking words.  

So now I sit and ponder 
where all my ducks are at 
I don’t think I ever had any 
thanks to my fat cat! 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

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