Fumble: Daily word prompt

For Sheryl: https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2020/05/21/your-daily-word-prompt-fumble-ydwordprompt-may-21-2020/

Not giving up

Little Becky was a beautiful girl 

Who loved her dress and loved to whirl. 

Silly Sammy was a boy 

Who loved the army and play toy 

Becky and Sammy met one day 

And fell in love right away. 

They married just the following year 

Fumbling their vows with a tear. 

They had a baby and got a new car 

Sammy was not home; he was out at a bar. 

When Becky would ask him “where did you go?” 

He would laugh and say, “Wouldn’t you like to know?!” 

The baby grew up and wanted to play 

So, Becky would give in and do it his way. 

She loved that kid like nobody knew 

But drunk ole Sammy made her quite blue.  

She tried to address the things that matter 

Like making money, staying home, mostly the latter.  

Sammy said he did not want to hear 

Becky’s voice that near to his ear. 

He told her once “just go away 

The boy can go, or he can stay.” 

Well Becky was  not leaving her kid 

Was it her or something she did? 

She still loved her Sammy through thick and thin 

His love and acceptance she vowed she would win.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

3 thoughts on “Fumble: Daily word prompt

  1. This is quite a sad story. Like Lisa Coleman says, it sounds like the relationship moved to borderline abuse – mental and emotional if not physical. It’s well written to bring out those feelings.

    Liked by 1 person

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