Preview: Fowc with fandango

Preview :

The day

Stepping across the threshold, holding her flowers tightly in her sweating hands, Eliza tried to stand as tall as possible, even though she wanted to crumble from the enormous amount of stress she was feeling. Was she making the right decision? Did others see them as compatible? She wondered if Bill was worrying about this too.

Slowly, with her step-father guiding her down the aisle, she proceeded toward her waiting love. She glanced side to side as she walked and saw all of the people she knew loved her and so many strangers that would soon become a part of her new life. Looking straight ahead she could see Bill staring back at her. A tear fell from his eye and landed just above his smiling lips. He looked a little nervous, but confident as well.

Her step-father handed her off to Bill at the alter. He looked down into her eyes. His deep brown eyes held so much love in them that Eliza knew if this was only the preview to their life ahead, she had nothing to worry about.

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

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