I cried today

I wrote this poem to express my real feelings, not to try to evoke pity. For those who have been through such an awful ordeal, know you are not alone. For those who have been through another tragedy, know you are not alone. Sincerely, Christine

I cried for all the day today 
for my son who passed away 
I can’t believe that he is gone 
I feel just like a useless pawn.  

I try to make some sense of this 
what ever happened to the bliss 
of being a proud mom of two 
now I am just mostly blue. 

My daughter is my saving grace 
each time that I see her face. 
I’m thankful that I have her still 
She acts just like my happy pill. 

No one knows the pain I feel 
unless they’ve been through this ordeal 
of losing one that was your own 
and being left all alone.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

7 thoughts on “I cried today

      1. I recalled that you’d been widowed–wow, a double-whammy! My heart aches for you ❤


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