Ninny – Word of the Day Challenge


I’m no ninny!

What is a ninny, what can it be? 
Is it a sea star under the sea? 
Or maybe a bird up in a tree? 
Or maybe something you’d like to see? 
Or maybe a gift you want to give me? 
Or maybe a zoo animal finally free? 
Or maybe a different kind of a bee? 

A ninny is nothing but some poor old fool 
who probably skipped many days of his school 
who belly flopped into the neighborhood pool 
who tries to balance on a three-legged stool? 
who thinks that glass is some kind of jewel 
who never learned to use a real power tool? 
who doesn’t care if he breaks one more rule?  

So leave me be, I am not a ninny 
I’m not that fat, not that skinny 
just a person who loves things mini 
who loves her pig that is a guinea 
whose best friend is married to Vinnie. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

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