Go Dog Go Cafe: Level Up Challenge

I would have to say I hit Level 3! Enjoy and if you find an error, just ignore it! Lol!

The path ahead

The bridge ahead is narrow 
and there may be storms 
but you have the strength 
to follow your fears 
and know you don’t have to rule the world 
to enjoy all its beauty.  

The path ahead is treacherous 
but only the weak turn around 
without trying 
and only the arrogant 
believe that everybody  
wants to rule the world.  

Follow your path 
and cross your bridges 
knowing that when you arrive 
your winsome smile will reveal 
your triumphs over all 
trials and tribulations.  

©2020 CBialczak


This poem is written with the following challenges in mind:
https://godoggocafe.com/2020/03/04/new-wednesdays-level-up-challenge-3-4-20-and-tuesday-writing-prompt-challenge-round-up/ (Tears for Fears)

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