Reality hits you when you have your guard down

Anyone who has lost a loved one will relate to this in some way.

This morning I was writing and I wrote something about when the kids were little. I had a boy and a girl. Now I only have a girl. Bam!!! Losing a child sucks.


  1. utahan15

    that is one thing i cannot relate to. of course condolences but that too is a knee jerk word to a complete stranger. living is hard. i tend to abandon and mourn the loss of my friends in private. i am shy and very selfish sadly.


    1. Stine Writing

      That’s not selfish if that is how you choose. It would be selfish if you said you didn’t mourn because you were selfish. I have a post from a while back “everybody does it differently”. It is so true when it comes to almost everything in life.


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