Reality hits you when you have your guard down

Anyone who has lost a loved one will relate to this in some way.

This morning I was writing and I wrote something about when the kids were little. I had a boy and a girl. Now I only have a girl. Bam!!! Losing a child sucks.

4 thoughts on “Reality hits you when you have your guard down

  1. that is one thing i cannot relate to. of course condolences but that too is a knee jerk word to a complete stranger. living is hard. i tend to abandon and mourn the loss of my friends in private. i am shy and very selfish sadly.


    1. That’s not selfish if that is how you choose. It would be selfish if you said you didn’t mourn because you were selfish. I have a post from a while back “everybody does it differently”. It is so true when it comes to almost everything in life.


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