Gold Water: Three Things Challenge, #writephoto, FOWC with Fandango

Devon knew the history of the stone sculpture, but he wasn’t sure he trusted the tale. Back in the day there was the belief that in winter, when the ice thaws, the water that falls from the sides of the rock was infused with gold. The story was nice but if the tale were true then the ink upon the rice paper which is laid under the flow would also turn gold. That has never happened, at least in his lifetime.  

©2020 CBialczak

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5 thoughts on “Gold Water: Three Things Challenge, #writephoto, FOWC with Fandango

    1. Thank you! I got some of the idea because this past weekend we were at David’s father’s house for the memorial service for his mother. We were told to look through some things, see what we wanted. Well, there was one poster rolled up, all about writing, which I thought was great but behind it was an oriental print on rice paper. Later that day, David saw the identical piece of art framed on the wall in the living room. When I saw the word “rice” that is what came to mind. My appreciation for art grows daily.

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