Fandango’s Flash Fiction #51


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“It has to be here! I know at least one of these photos has her in it.” 

Janette had been rifling through boxes and boxes of negatives from the days when cameras used film. She was searching for a picture of her deceased mother. Up until now, Janette mourned her mother’s death by visiting her grave and praying that God would grant her some peace and healing. They weren’t always close but they had just reunited and rejuvenated their relationship; then the sudden illness took her mother from her. 

Janette had woken this morning, frantic to see a photo of her mother, feeling grief stricken at the thought that she could no longer remember what her mother even looked like. She had been told the memories are what heals but, “what if there are no memories,” she worried.  

As if the photo would bring a piece of her mother back, Janette continued her search, unwilling to terminate her task until she found what she was looking for.  

6 thoughts on “Fandango’s Flash Fiction #51

    1. I remember feeling this when I lost my mother. I was 23 and for a long time I couldn’t remember what she looked like or sounded like. Technology has really done us a favor when it comes to retaining information.

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