Ragtag Daily Prompt: goodbye

There once was a woman who lived on a hill. She was a smart woman, friendly to all beings. One day this woman, whose name was never revealed, suffered a terrible loss. She had to say goodbye to the ones she loved.
Later that same month the woman saw a young couple crying. She thought they were lovely, young, and probably newly married. The woman approached the couple, not wanting to startle them, and quietly took a seat next to them. The couple looked over at the woman, and since she didn’t spark any curiosity, they turned back to each other and began to cry again. The woman sat quietly. About ten minutes later the young man turned to the woman and asked her why she was still sitting there. The woman said she sat down as soon she saw them both crying. The young woman turned to the older woman and told her that they had lost their unborn baby. The woman laid her hand on both of their intertwined hands. “You will find peace once you are able to say goodbye. Know that God has an angel.”
The young couple nodded their heads that they had heard. The quietly stood up and began walking away.
The woman also stood up and began walking home. She felt close to the young couple because they too had lost someone they loved.
From that day forward, the woman vowed to be there to help others who were in terrible pain from losing a loved one. She wanted them to know they would never be alone.

©2020 CBialczak

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