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I am a newly published author. I have a series out, starting with Penelope, the first story about my great-niece. I have been an educator for most of my professional life. My goal is to publish my stories so that children can learn and love to learn.

Admitted 730 days ago

Dedicated to Bob, who will always be remembered. Also dedicated to David for his love and support and to Lindsay, my daughter, my best friend, my joy, for being so strong. Two years later it still comes to mind how I felt on that fateful day.  People I knew were so very kind but no one knew […]


Haibun Monday

Hosted by Kim at d’Verse Poets Pub: Public school Back in the seventies when plaid was the thing bright colors were typical, as were tans and browns The pants of children, both boys and girls Toys made by Playskool, Play-doh, and Fisher Price.  Summer picnics, family and friends gather to celebrate the season of the summer and the holidays Birthday […]


The sunday whirl: wordle #457

Written for: True success Jenny knew she had to concentrate   if she wanted to graduate   There was no way she’d get a license to fly   If she didn’t watch the world with one eye   To make sure she didn’t just trip   On things that made her mind spin like a whip   She would learn how to sing her own song   It is true as they say it will not take long   To go where she wanted delicious success   Not […]