Stine Writing

I am a newly published author. I have a series out, starting with Penelope, the first story about my great-niece. I have been an educator for most of my professional life. My goal is to publish my stories so that children can learn and love to learn.

Missing you Haiku

you come in my sleepyou talk to me like you’re hereI wake and you’re gone where can i find youare you really here nowSun is coming up sweet dreams my babydreams can come true just believesilver linings exist ©2020 CBialczak Poetry


Three Line Tales, Week 225

She sat, her small fingers working the pieces, turning them, twisting them, putting them aside. There would be a car in the end, that is what her plan is, even though it is not coming as easily as she had presumed. Her young mind and patient manner will continue the attempts more than the adults […]