Curious about banned books

Reading Maggie’s post today made me curious to see what books are banned and why. There are tons of websites. I have put down a few.

I think this might be reading list like it was for Maggie!

Lombardi, Esther. “Controversial and Banned Books.” ThoughtCo, Sep. 7, 2021,

8 thoughts on “Curious about banned books

      1. I think banning books is just part of the whole package of things to do if you belong to the cult of “NO”. I may be wrong but it is more than scary.


  1. I am pleased you checked out some of the banned and challenged books. There is a video circulating on social media of a modern day book burning. It sickens me. Many of the books on the lists you posted were required reading when I was in high school. I hope you will find time to add a few to your reading list. I plan to.


    1. I think it depends on why it was banned. I mean Charlottes Webb because animals talk? Have they read Animal Farm? Have they watched cartoons? I think that literature is the one place where real history can be learned. Yeah, okay Fifty Shades of Gray, but who knows? I didn’t read it but if you were in a bad relationship you might find help in it.


    1. That is such a great way to describe it. Parents think that if they don’t let their kids read the f-word in a book they won’t use it. Hahahaha! If they only walked down a highschool corridor! I was a high school teacher and the things kids say like it is nothing now compared to when I was a teen is amazingly horrible! Reading the n-word is like reading Dr. Seuss to them.

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