The Garden Dawdler: This weeks questions

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Do you think it helps or hinders a writer from having a big ego?
 Probably a little of both, help and hurt. I guess it depends on how big of an ego you are talking about. I think you need to have some admiration for your own writing if you want to write and have others read your work, otherwise why post it for the whole world to see. On the other hand, if you are writing because you think that only your ideas are important then you are going to eventually be writing to yourself, no one else will want to read it.

How often do you read your blog content from an outsider’s perspective?

Almost always. I try to read it for both how it sounds and sometimes just to be shocked by what has come out of my mind, feelings that I didn’t even know I had in my head.

I view my blog as an allotment garden. How do you view yours?

More of like a public park, a place to come, spend time, enjoy yourself

What’s the first book you ever remember reading way back when?

Besides Sally, Dick and Jane? I don’t recall reading much but I do remember loving the story The Magic Garden so obviously I had read it. I recall in elementary school I used to love to read poetry by Shel Silverstein and I always loved Dr. Seuss.

Were you ever read to as a child, and by whom?

I don’t really remember. I remember always having books so I assume my mother read to me. My father always read the newspaper but I don’t remember him reading anything to me.

Where do you like to read? At home on the couch? Whilst travelling? In bed?

When I do pick up a book rather than listen to audible I like to either be on the couch or in a chair at the beach. Nowadays I mostly listen to all my books because I can listen in the car, while walking the dog, and while working on my miniatures. When I pick up an actual physical book I fall asleep a few pages in.

Where?What are the most significant barriers to your creativity?

The most significant barriers to my creativity are exhaustion and being interrupted when in my “zone”. A lot of times I will write because words come to me and mostly they come in the form of some sort of rhyming, sing-songy fashion so when I get interrupted and that flow is cut off I can’t always get back there.

Do you think blogging is essential, and if you do, why?

I think it is essential for me. For me it isn’t just about writing, it is about reading other people’s writing, and learning what I like and what I don’t about different styles. It is also the “social” piece for me. I like commenting back and forth with other people.

There are many benefits to blogging; however, what are the three top downsides of blogging, in your opinion?
1. Finding the time to stick to it. Sometimes when I am extremely busy I get dejected when I see that no one has stopped by my blog. I also feel like if I don’t pay attention to other bloggers then why should I expect anyone to pay attention to me?
2. Knowing what to put out in public vs. what is too personal. Sometimes, I find that I want to write something but then retract it when I realize I don’t want anyone to comment on it or see that side of me.
3. Forming “friendships” that may be very superficial to the recipients of my “friendship”. I know that blogging is different for everyone but if I am constantly “chatting” with someone and then I never hear from them again I will often wonder what I wrote to turn someone away.

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