Where are they now?

Many years ago
when I was first starting out
I worked with little kids
The ones who scream and shout

They acted like they did
because abuse broke them down
there wasn’t much to do
in that dilapidated town

But through all the big fights
the tears and bumps and cuts
we tried to keep them safe
no ifs, ands, or buts

The parents of these kids
often hit them with no need
they felt the insecurity
of injustice, wealth and greed

What else could they do
but hit those little folks
abuse is not an answer
Its not for fun or jokes

But many of these kids
were bruised beyond belief
you’d always see the signs
not imagine all their grief

But what was there to do
besides showing them our love
Showing them that people cared
Who never pushed or shoved

And in the end we saw it
the pain behind those eyes
and tears run slowly down
as they peer into the skies

Where are those kids right now?
who had to weather all that pain
Well with those same abusers
no freedom did they gain

And now in present times
we see that pain is passed right on
From parents to their children
the burden isn’t gone

New problems still arise
that shouldn’t cause us any pain
but politics is evil
for someone plays with fate to gain

My heart breaks many times
for the evil that we see
Standing up for justice
will someday set them free

©2023 CBialczak

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