The Monday Peeve

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Paula has an opinion about supermarket shopping that I believe so many of us have…the placement of the items.

For me I wonder why marketing has so much control over the supermarket. Today, walking in I am inundated by baked goods. Tons of brownies, cookies, cakes, donuts, you name it, they had it. Then the fresh fruit and veggies are all tucked in the back corner of the store. Obviously, this is to sell the junk food…it helps keep the world chunky. No wonder no one wants to bring kids into the market anymore.
So then, almost every end-cap is a junk food or candy product. I am trying to lose weight. How am I supposed to shop without having bad cravings for everything in sight that is not good for me? It is almost like staying healthy is way too much work. It is definitely too expensive. Does anyone win?

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The Monday Peeve 65

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My biggest peeve, which could be a weekly thing, is all the crap emails I get. Every store or website sends one. Do I send them all to Spam even if they aren’t trying to scam me? I would love to block so many but I did that once on my dad’s computer and he had trouble ever buying from Amazon after that. I just don’t care about what you have to sell. I don’t want to read about your new products. Just leave me alone and stop emailing me!

Thanks Paula, now I can move on with my week!