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Who do you think you might be in an alternate universe? I think there are beings who are more advanced than us in some ways but who are using us as guinea pigs to see what happens when they try different things. I think they want to see our emotions and our reactions and how we respond to new things. I bet they are appalled at how we are killing our planet and all the wildlife that should be here. I think they probably laugh at all the stupidity of us humans when it comes to politics and entertainment. *****Totally read the question wrong! I thought it said what do I think is in an alternative universe!****

What would be the most surreal situation you could imagine finding yourself in? Being in Heaven with people I have lost.

You won!!
You have five minutes for a Supermarket Dash in the FoodHall – what will you fill your trolley/shopping cart with? Seafood, meat, and ice cream

You have 60 minutes to hide 50 million in hard currency [Notes] in your house – where would you put the money/cash – to avoid detection? I would put a lot of it in my dirty clothes hamper. I would put some in the trash bins under the bags, so it isn’t actually in the garbage, and I would put it in whatever open containers or boxes of anything I could find, like crackers or chips. I’d probably need more room than that so I would try to make a small hole in a wall and jam it in then put furniture in front of the spot.

4 thoughts on “Wilding Thoughts

  1. I like your answer about Heaven. That would be amazing!
    As for Nature, you’re right about human silliness but IMHO when we become too much of an irritant to ‘her’, she’ll flick us out of existence like a dog flicks a flea off of its ear.
    IMHO…We aren’t as important (or impactful) as we believe.

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