The Morning Dawdler

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What is the best way to cook an egg, and what is your favourite egg dish? The best way to cook an egg is over medium. My favorite egg dish changes. One favorite is a fried egg on a bagel with a slice of Kraft American Cheese (Welfare Cheese).

What makes for a good listener, and are you one, or do you only hear people as noise? A good listener knows when to keep their mouth shut and not interject. Also, a good listener can feel comfortable NOT hearing their own voice.

How well can you control your emotions, and is it hard to keep them in check with moments and times when you feel passionate or angry with others or situations? I can control my emotions pretty well in that I don’t over-react or make a scene. The most I do is cry and that could be as simple as a tear rolling down my face.

Is it necessary for you to be remembered by others for your contribution to life? I would like to be remembered for things I create but not just for the daily stuff I do just because I am caring and sensitive,

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