Cyranny’s quickie!

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If you could un-invent something, meaning that it would disappear from the surface of the earth, and nobody would ever remember it, what would you choose?

One of the first things that come to mind is cigarettes or at least the modern ones that were no longer just tobacco. I think this is a product that has probably affected every individual in some way.

12 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. I have so many ideas of how to use what is already there and then if we stop making it we can clean up the world. Its just a matter of having enough people willing to do the work. One of my ideas is to get all the plastic bottles and fill them with sand to build homes. I am sure it would be much better than some of the homes people must make out of fabric or other thin materials. They can be tiny homes or just shelters but you could almost crisscross them like Lincoln Logs so you don’t even need mortar. After its built you could stuff clay or mud into the spaces to make it stronger.

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      1. I know there are people out there building with the bottles but I don’t know where and how much. I mean even if the bottles were filled with crap off the beaches. I don’t recall the country but it was off the Pacific and every single beach, every single day, is just garbage, tons of garbage! I found it when I was looking for information about the Great Garbage Patch. Have you seen that?


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