Weekend Coffee Share #102

It is super cold this morning and my coffee is not helping much. I will take this as a hint to get off my butt and get active, that will help warm me up. This weekend will consist of laundry, miniature building, and straightening up the house. Not overly ambitious but as long as I am keeping busy!

25 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #102

    1. Right now I am using a kit but I upgrade a lot of it. The structure is wood as is some of the pieces. The rest is fabric and paper, some plastic pieces. I just finished one and I actually went lower on my price than I thought because the quality of it was really not to my standard. I replace a lot of the crappy pieces with real wood and nice fabric, etc.


  1. I love your miniature. I have an obsession with all the tiny items! I have one that I built as Santa’s workshop. I love it but I find it gets dusty and it makes me crazy. Do you have a trick for keeping yours dusty-free?

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    1. Some of them do come with dust covers. If they don’t I have found that little kids paint brushes work best as little dusters. They are soft. Believe it or not I don’t have many of my own! I have a few from when I first started building and now I look at them and some parts are not really good! Lol.


    1. Thank you. I am starting to make a lot of my own stuff because I don’t like when the quality is poor. I am saving up for a 3D printer. I just finished a course on the computer part of it. I eventually want to make all custom miniatures, like have someone send me a picture of their house and what they like and I can replicate it. I am doing a custom build where each room is a different horror movie set.

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      1. That’s dedication, my friend. It looks amazing. You will be in museums or movies someday if you aren’t already. We saw an adorable display of miniatures in the Cowboy Museum in Wickenburg.

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