Winter: Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 635

This is written for:

Illustration of Stickman Kids Making an Igloo, Snow Fort in the Snow

Stomp your feet until they’re dry
Don’t throw ice, you’ll poke an eye
Put on chapstick, save your lips
Hold on tight, falls break good hips
Bundle up to stay real warm
Did they say it’s another storm?
I don’t care, I won’t shovel snow
Where did all the snow plows go?
Where’s my mailbox? Where’s the dog?
There’s a white-out or is it fog?
I hope my children stay inside
there really is no place to hide
unless they do what children do
and build themselves a good igloo.

3 thoughts on “Winter: Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 635

  1. I remember the blizzard of 1969 – we had so much snow!! My dad made a tunnel from the front porch to the street. When he was done we were like moles tunneling from one place to another making a maze. After a week we had a network to all the neighbors so that we could get together to play. We had bread bags over our feet in an effort to keep them dry. Every day my mother must have dried our coats, hats and mittens several times – as we’d come in soaking wet!!

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