Your Weekly Prompt – Pompous – December 13, 2022

Oh, Pompous One

Oh, Pompous One
born first
who thinks
the year of birth
declares the worth
of a person
Oh, Pompous One
silly fool
many have been born
before you
and are
just as

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

15 thoughts on “Your Weekly Prompt – Pompous – December 13, 2022

  1. I’ve a pompous one before, as well as after me…
    I get so tired of ‘their’ games.
    I used to get along better with one, but now its the other.
    I don’t abide by entiltement or those who don’t answer questions in once a year email exchanges…


  2. Well done and an excellent take on pompous. In one of my other lives, I had 3 step-children and the oldest was very pompous. He thought everyone should look up to him. He was about 5’10” and as the younger brothers got older they were both over 6′. He finally settled down.

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