Foods you would never eat…

Jim Adams has a good list of foods that will get your stomach doing flip-flops. Check it out here:

I can barely stomach eating an animal if I think of that animal while eating it. Sometimes I go through qazi-vegetarian states because of it. I will not eat organs, even though I grew up loving liverwurst. I won’t eat any excrement – I didn’t really know about this until Jim mentioned it.
I would never eat a spider, even though studies have shown you eat 8 a week or something like that! I will not eat frogs legs, and that was before I started hating frogs (from the Cuban Tree Frog invasion in my pool issues). I won’t eat snails, mostly because I can’t even look at one without getting queasy. Funny story:
Many years ago my step mother took me, my husband Bob, and my son Joey to a really fancy French restaurant. I had been there before and she thought it would be nice because Bob and Joey seemed to appreciate delicacy type things. So, Joey said he was going to try Escargot. He did. He ate the whole serving. Some time later, I can’t recall exactly when, it came up in conversation about him eating snails. He said they were good up until the last one…He said it was like it was looking at him and he could feel the antenae when he put it in his mouth. Luckily it had been the last one because he said he had almost thrown them all up after that!

To put it simply, if someone were to cook a full vegetarian diet for me I would be happy. I cannot figure out all the nutritional stuff dedicated to any particular type of diet so I just eat the things my mom always said were good for me.

I almost forgot. I always wanted to try oysters but heard they were disgusting. People described them as eating snot. Anyhow, I was at a Gala for TargetCancer, a foundation my friend runs after her husband started it right before dying of a rare brain cancer. So I was there by myself and figured, what the hell? Why not? Good God! It was like eating a slimy glob of dirt! I gagged it down, almost threw it up, and never had one again!

9 thoughts on “Foods you would never eat…

  1. I love escargot and I’ve never in all my years of eating them had one wiggle its antenna at me. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an escargot with an antenna still on it. And oysters on the half shell…delicious!

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  2. I enjoyed reading your post, Christine and I would never eat excrement either. My good friend worked for a Japanese company, and he had to travel there for a meeting when the big boss took everyone out for dinner. The appetizer was a live shrimp and he had to eat it to prevent insulting his host. He said it was really creepy wiggling around in his mouth as he swallowed it.

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