Can you move forward?

What do you do when the siblings you knew
Went off in a tiff and wanted nothing with you?
Do you fight for the chance to hug and to meet
or do you ignore one another out on the street?
Who says that they’re right and that you are still wrong?
All the thoughts and emotions, a mind staying strong
Is there really a point to all this distress?
Why not forgive and forget and be done with the mess?
But not all those involved are willing to see
that things that have happened were just meant to be
and moving along on the track we call life
brings about more of the happiness filled with less strife.
The saddest part now is that so much has been done
so many harsh words where only one sides begun
to realize our lives are too short to be thrown
and the other side won’t share the blame there is to own.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

12 thoughts on “Can you move forward?

    1. The thing I am trying the hardest to understand is why someone doesn’t want to even try to move forward and outwardly says they don’t want to have a relationship. That to me is NOT family. There are many situations where I think people don’t know where to start when wanting to make amends but it is the individuals that do not want to make amends that perplex me. I have been told a million times that some people love drama and negativity. Not me.

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  1. So very true. I wish my family and I were closer, but it’s not meant to be. Contact is minimal, but I grew tired of being my sister’s punching bag, cannot change how she sees or thinks of me, and quite honestly, now I’m not bothered as much.

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